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ThinkTPGā€™s Creative & Marketing Trends

Top notch creative and data-driven marketing strategies seem to push the bar every year—content marketing, mobile marketing, addressable advertising, and more. As we see it, this trend of marketing evolution promises to continue as new technologies emerge and consumers’ behaviors shift to even more new and exciting platforms. So it begs the question, what’s hot in creative and marketing now?

Today’s data isn’t your father’s data, that’s for sure. While the generous amount of data that companies can receive is an overabundance, it is generally very raw and many people don’t know what to do with such information. However, that’s changing. And fast. Software companies are continuing to simplify data programs to make it more accessible and mainstream. So even though people aren’t always comfortable about how they are being tracked with every step, every eyeball, and every click, it is the world we live in. That’s why the advertising and marketing world is on its heels to make a buck off it.

Content marketing is undergoing a huge shift targeting relevant audiences instead of the masses, so companies can gain stronger engagement and performance data. One way, in particular, companies are doing this, is through the usage of different content with similar messaging across TV, computer, tablet, or phone. There are a number of content aggregators out there that allow for staying up on the most important news on particular subjects. This may open up a whole new world of creative opportunities with a variety of accumulated sources.

Everyone is on the move and companies are jumping at the chance to be on the go with you. Retailers are trying to engage consumers through location-based mobile technology, which makes sense for everyone concerned. Companies are targeting potential customers based on their geography and enticing them with relevant marketing that they’d want to hear about. Consumers expect promotional marketing to be personalized so they can make faster decisions on products based on deals and coupons in their area via email, online, or SMS. We do live in a consumer society.

No one can question that when it comes to advertising, millennials are not stupid. In fact, recent studies suggest that millennials often prefer smaller brands to large brands that push content at them like the old days and consider affordability. Since millennials have such a large amount of influence and buying power, it is imperative that you reach them, especially since they’re coming of age where they will look to buy homes and start families. Basically, it comes down to 3 things: Be authentic, give them something that they need and makes sense, and be engaging.

Infographic: 2014 visual trends, November 2013

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